Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting/Registering/Studying For Qualifications/Courses

Can I enrol in qualifications/courses online?

Yes! Our website lets you to browse, register and buy online and face-to-face or online qualifications/courses. This makes it faster and easier for you to manage your qualification/course; and to easily enrol in more qualifications/courses, if you wish.

Do I have a choice of doing qualifications/courses face-to-face or online?

Yes, you can select face-to-face or online method of delivery. Face-to-face qualifications/courses are offered only to learners who are on-shore (residents of Australia). Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, face to face venue based qualifications have been suspended until it is safe to do so. It is envisaged at this stage that face to face venue based qualifications/courses will commence sometime during 2021. In the interim students seeking face to face training can be accommodated using video conferencing capabilities, either one on one or in a minimum group of 5 students. Online qualifications are offered to on-shore and offshore students.

How do I know what the qualification/course pre-requisites are before I decide to enrol?

Our courses have no pre-requisites, other than the student being 18 years or older at the time of enrolment, and has proficient English language skills. It is very important for you to read the Course Information and Training and Assessment Strategies (CITAS) and Student Handbook before deciding to enrol in your course because they contain very important information to make your enrolment decision. Please email to if you need further information.

What happens after I have submitted my enrolment form?

You will receive an invoice for the Initial Payment of your course fees, which you need to pay before commencing the course.

Can I cancel my qualification/course?

Yes, within the 3-day cooling off period. However, if LEA cancels your qualification/course or ceases to deliver the qualification/course;

enrolled students will be offered refund of fees paid. All fees and refunds are processed in the Australian Dollar because LEA does not deal with its clients or learners in any other currency.

Please read our Course Information and Training and Assessment Strategies (CITAS),

Student Handbook and Fee Policy and Procedures for more information on how refunds will be processed.

How is online learning different from face-to-face learning?

With online learning there are no classes to attend, so you study whenever and wherever you like to suit your work and life commitments. You read through your study materials in your own time, and then submit your assessments online. You need to have access to a computer/laptop/tablet with internet connection to login to your learning system for studies and upload/submit your assignments.  You need to have access to a computer/laptop/tablet with internet access to login to your learning system for studying content and submitting your assessments. 


With venue based face to face courses now suspended due to COVID-19 it will be delivered via video conferencing capabilities where the students will have a trainer and assessor who will deliver the training at a mutually agreed time, with full study materials provided.

What if I need help with my qualification/course?

If you need help with your course, Trainers and assessors are available for you. Our Training team is available to answer any general questions you might have about your course. Trainers will be able to offer course-specific advice as well.

Do I need to attend exams?

There are no exams to attend. You will need to complete and submit assessments either in hardcopy or submitted online.

How long do I have to complete my course/qualifications?

Learners have 12 months to complete the full qualification/course. Once this time has lapsed you may apply for an extension period. Extension fees apply.

How do I submit assessments?

For online qualifications/courses you will need to submit/upload assessments online after you have completed them as required. For video conferencing based face-to-face qualifications/courses you will need to complete your assessments online as well.

Will I recieve a certificate and When will I recieve it?

When you complete your qualification/course, you'll receive a full certificate which certifies you have successfully completed your studies. If you complete your qualification/course partially, you will recieve a Statement of Attainment for the unit(s) you have completed.

Qualification/Course Payment

How do I pay the fees for my qualification/course?

LEA offers a range of payment methods such as paying by Master or Visa card and direct deposit to our bank account. After providing payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email that will include detailed course information and any pre-course work needed to prepare for your course.

Do you keep my credit card details on record after I have paid and are the details secure?

Any credit card payments through our system are only viewed by our Bank and we have no record. Nor do we ever view your credit card details. Our Bank provides a secure facility that allows payment to be processed online, and their encryption of information between the customer and Bank is provided by an industry-standard 128-bit SSL encryption technology. This is the current security standard used by most banks in Australia when connecting with their internet banking customers.

Group Bookings

My team would like to attend a qualification/course. Do you provide in-house and/or face-to-face training at my work-site or public venue?

If you have more than 5 people interested in completing the same course, you may want to consider an in-house, face-to-face or customised training program. Please contact us at for more details. Please note due to COVID-19 currently all group based face to face courses will be delivered using video conferencing capabilities until further notice.

How do I set up the training room for in-house qualifications/courses delivered at my site?

You will need to provide suitable training room equipped with a whiteboard and/or flip chart with markers. We will provide writing/note pad for each participant, pen and a digital or hard copy materials/study materials for the course.

Face-To-Face Qualifications/Courses

Who can enrol for face-to-face qualifications/courses?

Yes you can select face to face as a method of delivery. Face to face courses are offered only to learners who are on-shore (residents of Australia).

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Venue based face to face courses are suspended until it is safe to do so. It is envisaged at this stage that face to face venue based courses will continue sometime in 2021. In the interim, face to face courses can be accommodated via video conferencing capabilities, either one on one or in a minimum group of 5 students.

What happens on the day of training?

Your Trainer and assessor will induct you, provide resources for training along with delivering the training. You will be guided on how to commence, complete and submit your assessments.

What time does my training start and finish?

Your training will be delivered over 3 half day sessions, delivered via video conferencing capabilities over continuous days. The course starts at 9.00am and ends at 12.30pm. For in-house training, arrangements for training will depend on agreement reached with the worksite. It is requested that participants arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the course’s start time.

How many people will be in my class?

Groups can range from 5 to 12 participants in any training course. For in-house training, number of participants will depend on arrangements reached with the worksite.

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