Introductory Points

  1. By qualifying with Australian business or other diploma courses, and then completing a university business or other degree has lots of merits.
  1. It saves time and money for students who choose diploma qualification pathway to completing their university degree.
  1. Paying for one’s university business degree is a challenge and huge decision for potential university students to make in Australia.
  1. 75% of Australian university students take a government debt to study for their degree. (Source: The Sydney Morning Herald, 26 June 2021).
  1. University fee-debt is a financial burden on students and can impact on their other life decisions such as buying a home or car.
  1. In 2019, out of nearly 96,000 enrolments in Australian domestic fee-paying places, 72% deferred all or part of their tuition fees (Source: The Sydney Morning Herald, 26 June 2021).
  1. The latest reports, derived in 2018/19, show that the average time to fully repay Higher Education Loan Program debt was 9.2 years, gradually trended up from 7.3 years over the past 15 years (Source: Futurity Investment Group).


·        Complete a business or other diploma qualification.

·        Then go to university and complete a business or other degree.

·        Diploma course pathway to university business or other degree saves you time and money

Other Impact of University Debt on Other Life Decisions

Futurity Investment Group uncovered the Impact of University Debt Report which found that:

·        50% of those surveyed said that their HECS-HELP debt has made an impact on other life decisions such as purchasing a home

·        41% said it had some impact on their ability to buy a car

·        30% said they could not afford medical or dental treatment, sometimes years after graduating

·        28% of respondents reported that their HECS-HELP debt affected their decision to start a family

·        24% reported a moderate to very large impact on their ability to start personal investing outside of superannuation

·        18% regularly go without food and other necessities

·        One in five said that it had a moderate to very large impact on their ability to start a business

·        One in four said they were worried about their financial situation

·        Respondents said HECS-HELP debt also had a moderate to very large impact on their ability to pursue a different career.

Futurity CEO Ross Higgins said, “Debt acquired at university should not negatively impact important financial and social objectives. With the cost of university education exceeding $50,000 in many instances, its essential young people considering a tertiary education understand that debt acquired at university can carry financial and social burdens later in life and pay for university education without it impacting their financial wellbeing and ability to achieve their goals later in life.”


1.     From a 3-year Australian university business or other degree, why not save 1-year off by taking the diploma qualification pathway.

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