Recognition Of Prior Learning (RPL)

Step 1: RPL Kit Provided To Candidate

  1. Luminous Education Australia (LEA) emails the RPL Self-Assessment Kit  and Fees Information
  2. The candidate is requested to read the RPL Self Assessment kit in their own time
  3. Candidates return the completed kit to LEA at
  4. Candidate is then informed if their application is successful, and that they can go ahead with the RPL
RPL Completion

Step 2: Candidate Enrols And Pays Fees

  1. Candidate will get the enrolment form to complete and return to LEA
  2. Candidate then gets the tax invoice from LEA
  3. Candidate pays the full fee and gets connected to their RPL Assessor
  4. Please email or call +61 2 8834 4508 for RPL fee information
RPL Completion

Step 3: RPL Evidence And Interview

  1. Candidate's Assessor will make contact by email or phone to the candidate
  2. Candidate is then emailed Probing Questions and Activities to complete. The candidate will complete this and email back to LEA at
  3. Candidate then receives the Evidence Guide and uses the information to collect the evidence they need to submit to their assessor. The evidence is listed in the evidence list, which is emailed to the candidate.
  4. All evidence must be current (<5 years old).
  5. Candidate also receives the Competency Conversation Interview Topics. This document has information which the candidate needs to read and prepare for the Competency Conversation Interview
  6. Assessor will contact the candidate and schedule  the Competency Conversation Interview/Discussion, which lasts roughly 2 hours. The evidence submitted by the candidate is also discussed by the assessor. Follow up evidence required to be submitted by the candidate is also discussed. There can be more than one interview if required.
  7. The interview is completed and the assessor awaits follow up evidence from the candidate
RPL Completion

Step 4: Follow Up Evidence And Completion

  1. Assessor reviews the follow up evidence supplied by the candidate and grants the RPL applied for
  2. Assessor sends a Statutory Declaration Form for the candidate to complete and submit
  3. Candidate receives the Certificate/Statement of Attainment
RPL Completion

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