My life and work background are that of an educator in secondary schools, corporate trainer, disability trainer, qualification trainer and assessor in Australian vocational education and training (VET), and now as CEO and Director Training Services of Luminous Education Australia.

There are numerous memories banked in my mind from incidents and experiences from individual learners, group learners, and distance learners during the 38-years I have worked in the education sector.

One recent memory is from 2-days of corporate training I facilitated as a corporate trainer, for participants from a medium-sized company, in early February 2021, titled Life/Work Productivity, and it included core areas of soft skills:

  • Communications
  • Personal productivity
  • Relationships
  • Leadership & Team building                                         

In today’s blog, I am sharing from this recent corporate training program the following memory which I now call:


Productivity Pathway – Individual, Family, Employer, National and Self

Background to this recent memory

When I concluded this training, I asked the learning group to spend 30 minutes of what I call BYE-BYE BONDING. This is where the participants informally chat before departing, brainstorm, and eventually present to collective feedback about the workshop.

The leader of the learning group did an immaculate presentation on P-IFENS, and this enhanced my emotions to a level, where I could feel the impact of POWER OF PRODUCTIVITY, and its ability to transform individuals’ life and work balance, health, wellbeing, and fulfilment.

For the group to develop the acronym P-IFENS, and give it meaning Productivity Pathway – Individual, Family, Employer, National and Self, was in-itself full of thought, and huge credit to the group’s creative ability.

Blogs cannot be very long, and I am space-constrained to write in detail this entire memory about P-IFENS, this is what the group presented, in a nutshell:

  • P in P-IFENS mean Life/Work Productivity dividend is a PRODUCITVITY PATHWAY
  • This pathway begins with the I INDIVIDUAL PRODUCTIVITY
  • Individual develops, creates, and sets a spiritual and material Life/Work PRODUCTIVITY ACHIEVEMENT TARGETS
  • By discussing individual life/work productivity achievement targets with FFAMILY/FRIENDS/LOVED ONES and getting their support, individuals get emotional and internal impetus, and these are critical for their mental happiness, health, and wellbeing. The group suggested the stress factor is significantly reduced when they get support from F
  • P-IFENS than moves to EEMPLOYERS PRODUCTIVITY, where we spend most of our lifetime, after our time with F. It was explained that when employed, individual target should be focused on gaining work productivity. The group explained that increased work productivity increases satisfaction, morale, and money, which are necessary for an enhanced material and satisfied life
  • P-IFENS then moves on to the NNATIONAL PRODUCTIVITY. According to the learning group, when N, or national productivity increases, our belonging to the wider community increases. This gives us more material and satisfaction gains
  • Finally, P-IFENS leads to the SSELF, where the individual gets their personal or individual satisfaction.

You can draw your own conclusion from this memory and experience of mine. What I concluded is this?

Individual Productivity Goals,

Plus – Family/Friends/Loved Ones Support,

Plus – Increased Employer Productivity,

Plus – Increased National Productivity

Is Equal to More Productive – Self-Life/Work Balance, Self-Health, Self-Wellbeing and Self-Life Fulfilment

This made me say and feel WOW!

Sant Kumar

CEO/Director Training Services

Luminous Education Australia